Galactus Jack – Younger Days (CD)


Galactus Jack creates dance/house music which shares a positive message of hope.


  • Beginnings
  • New Horizon FEAT. Meg Latham
  • On My Mind FEAT. Twelve24
  • 82 FEAT. Geek Boy
  • Back to Life FEAT. SoulBox 
  • Lay It Down FEAT. Philippa Hanna
  • Lay It Down, Pt. II
  • Younger Days FEAT. Joel McKerrow
  • 100 FEAT. Dawn Elektra 
  • Breathe Again
  • Baba Oluwa FEAT. Pa-Jero
  • Lionheart FEAT. Ad-Apt & Roberto Rosso 
  • I Got You FEAT. SoulBox
  • Don’t Let Go FEAT. Jonathan Ogden

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