Eden Unfinished


Unfinished is a beautiful collection of stories from across the Eden Network in the UK and beyond. With brand-new photography and fresh first-hand stories, it will leave you inspired and encouraged by the transformed lives and communities we’re working in every day.

Some of the stories in this collection appear to end neatly, others do not. Each is just a snapshot from the life of an ‘unfinished’ person in an ‘unfinished’ neighbourhood. Until Christ returns to restore creation, our communities and our lives remain… unfinished.

But that does not mean they are unchanged. The gospel means a life can always be turned around through the love and sacrifice of Christ. And a life saved can always find purpose, and a place in his plan of salvation. Our stories are not finished, but they can encourage and inspire others.

So this collection is a celebration of breakthrough, of the process of change, of steps along the way. Of lives and communities that are not yet where they will be, but no longer where they were.

Join us as we thank God for all those taking steps on this journey.

98 pages.

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