The Pace Setter by Tim Tucker


Paul, Timothy and the Art of Multiplying Leaders

In his insightful study of Paul’s second letter to his protege Timothy, Message South Africa’s Tim Tucker unpacks nine key principles for setting the pace for young leaders in church, business and society. This book is more than a manual to successful mentoring. It’s an insight into the mind of one of history’s greatest mentors – with profound lessons for how the church raises up leaders today.

‘A must read for anyone who wants to see change in the world and knows they can’t do it by themselves’ – Dr Ash Barker, Director, International Society for Urban Mission and author

‘Tim approaches Paul’s last words to Timothy in both a scholarly and imaginative way. A hugely challenging, practical and insightful book’ – Gareth Lloyd-Jones, church leader and Team Leader of Life in the Spirit network

‘Inspires intentional action toward raising up younger leaders for leadership in the twenty-first century.’ – Dr. Bekele Shanko, Vice President, Campus Crusade for Christ International

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