My Lord And My God by Ben Jack


An invitation to devotion for a world in doubt.

We tend to remember Thomas as a doubter. But that’s not the full story.

Join Ben Jack as he explores this often misunderstood disciple to find hope beyond doubt, isolation and brokenness.

Discover afresh the adventure of an authentic life of worship, as you proclaim Jesus to be ‘my Lord and my God’ with your lips and your life to a doubting, isolated and broken world in need of his transforming love.


Part of the Advance Proclaimers Series.

With discussion questions.


Practical, challenging, accessible and inspiring’ – Gavin Calver, CEO, Evangelical Alliance

Wonderful! I was so encouraged by this book and you will be too’ – Kevin Palau, President and CEO, Luis Palau Association

Just brilliant, full of divine gems’ – Jean-Luc Trachsel

Refreshing and immensely stimulating’ – Rico Tice


106 pages.

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