Message To The Masses


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Review by Tony Cummings of Cross Rhythms

Along with the d:boys, the World Wide Message Tribe were the most important act to emerge from Britain’s underfinanced Christian music underground in the last decade and this retrospective, though rather irritatingly mixing up different eras (and personnel) of the Tribe in an arbitrary running order, offers 20 tracks of exhilarating,high energy music. The golden oldies here clearly demonstrate why WWMT were the most effective schools evangelism ministry mounted for decades. Classics abound: Heavyfoot’s gruff rap on the joyfully funky “Get God”; the wonderful pop-house hook of “I’m On My Way To Zion”; Cameron Dente’s amazing cathartic confession “Hypocrite”; that joyful shout to praise God on the dancefloor “Jumping In The House Of God” (though in truth this was really HOG’s recording); that “almost” American hit “Real Thing”; the careering neo-rave “Allelujah” and on and on. In retrospect the early Zarc Porter productions stand the test of time impressively and seldom show the cheesiness all dance producers fear while the latter stuff when the Tribe re-invented themselves as a hip-hop/R&B group are less distinctive than the pop dance oldies. But this is still a hugely enjoyable compilation. And if that wasn’t enough punters are generously given a bonus DVD featuring choice footage from all manner of line ups including their epic performance at Holland’s Flevo. Essential stuff for CCM historians and those who’ve ever cut loose to jump in the house of God.

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