Grief And Grace by Tim Tucker


Facing the future I didn’t choose.

How should we respond when we face unexpected and uninvited tragedy?

Grief and Grace is the account of a six-month period in Tim Tucker’s life when he faced the unimaginable: losing his 38-year-old wife to a brain aneurysm. Laura Tucker passed away on 18 August 2016, leaving behind Tim and their three children. This is a frank and poignant story of how grief and grace can mingle and coexist as Tim faced the future he didn’t choose.

Tim has written this book in order to help bring courage and faith to those who face seemingly insurmountable challenges.

‘The more I read the contents of this book, the more I appreciated the title, Grief and Grace. Tim has a fresh understanding of the multifaceted aspects of grace. This unique experience and revelation of grief and grace makes this a must-read for all people, not only those experiencing a season of grief’ – Theo Roman

‘This is an account of what “grown-up Christianity” looks like… I’m certain that this inspiring book will be a help and comfort to so many’ – Andy Hawthorne

178 pages.

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