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Grab a Towel and Interaction Guide


What kind of leaders does God want us to be?

This bonus pack of Grab a Towel and the Grab a Towel Interaction Guide is an ideal resource for individuals, groups, and leadership teams to discover how to become Christ-centred servant leaders.

The pack contains the original book, Grab a Towel, together with the full-colour Interaction guide. A free video resource is available online which enables the pack to be utilized for small group study.

In Grab A Towel, Message South Africa CEO Tim Tucker issues a clarion call to every leader who wants to make a mark for God. It is counter-cultural. It is often costly. It is the way of Christ.

The Interaction Guide has been written and structured to expand upon the foundational principles for leadership development presented in Grab A Towel. Each chapter provides questions for personal interaction, a guide for group discussion and suggested resources for deeper study.

Whatever our leadership context, in Jesus we have the perfect model to emulate. It’s time to grab a towel – and join him.