Finding Life After Death By Tim Tucker


Death is part of life. Yet, for many of us, death is a taboo topic.

Drawing on his own experiences of grief and a rich exploration of scripture, Tim Tucker offers a hope-filled perspective on loss framed by the biblical themes of perspective, pain and purpose. Finding Life After Death is an honest and deeply practical journey to help you discover how God’s gift of life continues for you on the other side of death.

“…everybody should read this book. That’s because everybody has faced or will face loss, the ensuing sorrow, and the necessity to keep breathing beyond it. Tim Tucker draws on his own and others’ experiences to explore the multifaceted, often paradoxical and bewildering, nature of life after death, helping us to understand the symbiosis of delight and despair so we might dignify grief with a rediscovery of the abundant life Jesus died to secure for us.” Dalene Reyburn.