Deep DVD Resource


This award-wining resource from The Message Trust is aimed at teenagers in youth groups & schools.

This DVD resource focuses on group study sessions. There are 6 sessions in total each lasting between 8 and 10 minutes. Presented in an MTV/T4 style format sessions include interviews, music videos with teaching from Andy Hawthorne, Lindz West (LZ7) & Blushuk.

The DVD presents you with nothing but the truth about Jesus, who He is, what He did and why His life, death and resurrection are so relevant to all of us today.

Whether you’re on your own or following the DVD with a small group, Deep helps you to explore what Jesus is all about, expect to be challenged on how to handle issues whether that’s at school, college or home life.

Deep won a Gold Award at the Christian Broadcast Council Annual Media Awards in 2006 for Best Christian Factual DVD.