Carl Beech – The Way: Living the Beatitudes Today



If you want to get to the heart of what it means to follow Jesus, the Beatitudes are a good place to start.

The Message’s UK Director Carl Beech uses his honest and accessible style to explore Matthew 5. He considers how we can have good biblical knowledge, but sometimes lack in matters of the heart, character and spiritual disciplines. The Beatitudes to be merciful, meek, humble, pure, a peacemaker and so on are so upside down, so counter cultural, yet so necessary if we are to truly follow Christ today. This book is full of real-life stories of people who are living according to the Beatitudes in one way or another. Be inspired to open yourself up to be used by God. Be encouraged with the promise of God s blessing. And be challenged to live your life completely for Jesus. The way is narrow, but it leads to life.


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